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Excellent app

Lots of functionality and good alternative to DWD standard app

Tolle App

kommt fast an PC-Met heran.

Works great. Design could be tweaked a bit

Just bought it alongside SPL training to understand wheather better and to have necessary wheather briefing at hand. Works perfectly once DWD delivers the online data ( what a hell of a site and system, not even paypal...). Id love to save sets or favorite info I need most, navigation is not very sexy. But so far runs perfectly.

pick the best runway and quickly check weather

I use it dont Review apps but I felt compelled to review this one as it has no ratings yet I initially thought it was just for overseas So I wasnt going to buy it but I figured Id give it a shot anyhow. Im so glad I did I live in Florida it works extremely well here it has a current database of all the reporting airports in my area it automatically helps you choose the best runway based on the current metar that it automatically pulls from the nearby airports it takes that a step farther and has a Satellite picture of the runways at the airport with a arrow clearly showing the direction of the wind across the runway. And without you doing a single calculation it shows you headwind and crosswind component for each and every runway advising which is best. It also has a map showing all the nearby airports with a Vfr IFR or MVfr symbol depending on what the currently metar says- I cant say enough good things about this app and I use it every single time for my preflight and if I have Internet when Im near a runway I quickly check to see which one it is advises - thanks so much

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